Ho track reverse loop wiring

There are several DCC auto reversers on the market designed specifically to solve the problem of wiring a reverse loop or turntable, prices around $40 upwards. Product Support for: AutoReversing

-> Automatic Reverse Controller-Single (AR1) View the Product Page for the AR1 Wiring for DCC by Allan Gartner - Track Wiring for Digital Command Control, Part II. This little 4' by 6' uses standard HO switches and 18" radius curves. We started with an oval of track and used two switches for a passing siding The problem with conventional HO track is that its smallest common radius is 18", resulting in a 36" diameter arc that makes it unusable for doorway layouts. A. F. LITERATURE REPRINTS. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS $5.00 ea. These are the sheets that where originally packed with new AMERICAN FLYER equipment. They explain hookup and operation. Price: $11.34Availability: In stock Most American Flyer "S" and "O"

engines were designed to run on AC or Alternating Current. Although, the motors are what is referred to as "series wound", so they can also operated on DC or Direct Current. Product Support for: Stationary

Decoders -> Quad Stationary Decoder (DS64) View the Product Page for the DS64 Price: $1,550.00Availability: In stock

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